Monday, November 15, 2010

New Playback controls

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to show off the new playback controls. They're integrated into one independent Qt Widget. They're 90% functional (still need to write a few routines, and some testing still needs to be done) and user friendly:
  • Clicking on an area of the seek slider does not jump to undefined locations anymore, but to the exact position you want. This was possible thanks to the slick event filtering code in Qt.
  • The shuttle slider now shows a tooltip telling you the current playback speed.
  • The seek slider shows the exact time corresponding to the mouse cursor position (a-la Youtube(TM) seeking)
  • The Play/Stop button has been magnified for easy mouse access.
  • The Mouse wheel has been disabled on the seek slider and the shuttle, but enabled in the volume and the jog.
Behold, ladies and gentlemen, our future playback controls!

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