Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm back!!! (kinda)

Dear everyone: After having to bear what seemed to be the worst year of my entire life, suffering the flu, unemployment, a huge debt and personal relationships problem, I have a couple of good news for ya.

1) I have a stable job!! And a very good one, to be honest. It doesn't give me too much free time, but it has helped me to develop my programming skills. My latest toy was a JSON to HTML template engine (this project was actually what led me to the next news).

2) Development on Saya has been restarted!... kinda. Don't get your hopes up, Saya is from now on considered a long-term garage project, with very little chances of succeeding. But I'm committed to at least deliver a usable GUI for a video editor. Instead of focusing on the multithread processing and video handling, I'll start over with the GUI now. Later, if the GUI seems good, and the widgets work, I'll work on tying Saya to an existing video editing framework.

3) The latest development on the UI is the playback control, now with a jog dial for easy frame skipping:

(Yes, the buttons are ugly, but later we can work on that). Next: Making the  shuttle control (to the  left of the "Display" text) pretty, and functional.

4) If you would like to join the project and help me perform code archaeology on the project (and find out what the hell I was doing on some files), you're welcome to join.

See ya!


Jean-Fran├žois said...

If you're basically only going to work part time on improving the user interface instead of writing everything including the core... perhaps consider swallowing your pride and join projects that need smart contributors like you?

Pitivi (or Openshot or KDEnlive), for example, is pretty stable and would love to have help. I know, for example, that pitivi maintains a page exactly for the purpose of making it easy for newcomers to get started with fun tasks:

See also:

I still believe that most of the reasons you chose to create Saya in the first place (instead of improving existing editors) are either technically incorrect or misguided. It hurts to see fragmentation like this.

Rick said...

Regarding Saya: I may not be able to work on the core YET... but there's a lot of work already done, and I'm progressing a lot on the UI. I just finished implementing a new signals and slots mechanism (as not to have to rely on Qt's moc - eew) and it's working like a swiss watch.

In any case, whether I had revived the project or not, I would still NOT work on Pitivi, Openshot or KDEnlive. To make things worse, I CAN'T compile MLT, and my distro is broken on one of the components required by Openshot (otherwise I would have already installed it to create the AMVs I've been trying to make for years). And I still abhor Python.

But thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate it.

- Rick.