Thursday, January 8, 2009

We need a mascot!

While I'm busy creating Saya's new skin, I think it's time to create a mascot.

Unfortunately, I'm a terrible drawer. So I invite anyone with sufficient drawing skills and a good Otaku background to help us.

As a benevolent dictator (grin), I will define what mascot we'll have.

First of all, it needs to be a girl.
Second, it needs to be an anime girl (since Saya is a japanese name).
Third - she needs to be chibi - we'll follow Pixia's example.

Here are some of the features I'd like the mascot to have:

Name: The mascot's will be "Saya" (the mascot would be the software, following the tradition of the OS-Tans ;-)

Hair: She needs to have short hair - not too short, or we could be plagiarizing an existing anime Saya ;-). A bit longer than Kuchiki Rukia's should suffice. Maybe even longer, but not below the elbows. It needs not to be curly.

Head size: The head needs to have a reasonable size (NO powerpuff girls please).

Here are some examples more or less of what I want (caramelldansen):

The bodies need to be a little smaller. Something like this (pinky's), but keep the caramelldansen face shapes.

Edit (11:14PM): I think I found what I want. School Rumble's alternate ending 1 shows some perfectly-proportioned chibi girls ^_^. Of special attention is Tsukamoto Yakumo at 1:00. The head isn't overly huge, and the body is still well-defined.

Note that I chose the chibi-size so that the mascot can fit in a square space. But a little taller (not taller than the Caramelldansen figures) is perfectly acceptable, and even desired. Try to choose a middle ground if you can.

Eyes: Blue.

Nose: As all bishoujo characters - thin and pretty.

Dress: She could be wearing a kendo outfit (to honor her name), or a movie director outfit. Since Saya is virtual, you could give her a tron-like outfit that would turn into other outfits ;-) A kimono wouldn't be bad, either - but don't make it pink, it doesn't fit the character.

Breast size: Not too large, but not too small, either.

Constitution: Not too athletic, but not too thin, either.

Mouth: Not "X-3" styled mouths. Normal mouths, please.

Attitude: More like a cute smiling girl. Innocent, but intelligent. Not a joker, and definitely NOT a tsundere! (But she's allowed to get upset -.-# once in a while). But she needs to look cute at all times.

Here's an example smile that suits Saya perfectly: Wikipe-Tan (just the smile, not the body)

The rest is up to your imagination (just don't copy existing anime characters, please!).

Also, we need the character designer to be available for future redesigns and all that, so it requires commitment (or maybe we could choose someone else later, but oh well).

Any help will be appreciated. The winner designer will obviously appear in the software's credits!

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Oritey said...

are you still looking for a mascot?
if you are - contact with me.