Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saya developers meeting #4 (2009-01-30): Summary of Activities

This is a brief summary about what has been discussed in the fourth Saya-VE developers meeting.

About the team:
* Javier Galicia and AbsoluteDestiny were kicked out due to inactivity (and not answering e-mails).
* We have two new volunteers: Alexandru Tirdea, who unfortunately couldn't go to the meeting - but has been working on Video display on Linux, and Lubomir Dobrovodsky, a longtime Java programmer who's been incursioning in C++.

About the tasks:

* The most important task so far is the Qt conversion. Without finishing it, we can't go on. On the bright side, the main menu items are already present in the main Qt window (altho they're all enabled by default and the checkbox items behavior hasn't been programmed yet). As I haven't finished determining what changes need to be done to the code, other areas of development are stalled (I really need to hurry up with this).
* Work on the playback framework has been stalled (see above).
* Lubomir is going to train his C++ and Qt skills so that when I need him to add features and
* Rigo is going to research about the new video editor from Apple (iMovie, I think) and is going to send me some links to post on the "research" section of the website (which needs to be polished, of course).
* Jeff has suggested using the bazaar distributed version control system to speed up development. We discussed about it a bit, but unfortunately I have very little free time right now. But I'm considering adopting it.

About the next meeting:

Due to people from Eastern Europe joining, we've changed the meetings to the Saturday following the last Friday of the month (which most of the time will be the last Saturday of the Month), at 11AM CDT.

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