Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saya developers meeting #3 (2008-11-28): Summary of Activities

This is a brief summary about what has been discussed in the second
Saya-VE developers meeting.

About the team:
* No changes, but I was e-mailed by a pro-open-source IP lawyer in
case we need any assistance.

About the tasks:

* We discussed the need of having a jog control, and what was the
difference between a jog (advancing / going back frame by frame) and a
shuttle (fast forwarding/rewinding at different speeds).
* Jeff gave us an explanation of how controls work in AVIDemux.
* We discussed a bit about how the button 3D effects should behave
* Rigo has been assigned the task of designing a jog control for the
playback controls.
Here's a snippet of the task in question from the chat log:

<rick_777> to avoid getting the "oh no, this is too complicated!
*brain block*" syndrome,
<rick_777> we'll split your task in various subtasks:
<rick_777> 1) Draw the widget using the wxwidgets functions. Just the
little circle with a tiny circle inside it.
<rick_777> 2) Make it more appealing, like perhaps adding a shadow and
background color
<rick_777> 3) Parameterize the drawing depending on a private variable
(like "angle")
<rick_777> 4) Capturing the mousedown event (the name may be
different) to switch on a "dragging mode"
<rick_777> and popping a messagebox saying "dragging enabled"
<rick_777> 4.1) Perhaps with that you could change some color in the
jog control, like making the little tiny circle glow red
<rick_777> like a LED light, that'd be cool
<rick_777> 4.2) When the mouse button is released, make the tiny
circle stop glowing

About the next meeting:

Next meeting is scheduled, unless notified by the members, on Friday
26/Dec/2008. If anyone has any problem with that, we can schedule the
meeting to be held in January next year, or earlier this month.

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