Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saya-VE 2nd dev meeting (26/Sep/2008) Summary

This is a brief summary about what has been discussed in the second
Saya-VE developers meeting.

About the Team:

* Nopalin wrote me an e-mail explaining some tragic circumstances that made it impossible for him to continue on the project.
* b3rx hasn't reported back after several warnings, so he's been fired automatically. I've removed him from the website page because he never contributed with any code.
* From now on, new members will have to contribute only via patches. On the meeting after a month of activity, we'll decide whether to add them officially to the team or not.
* One person has contacted me via the blog, but I haven't received any e-mail. Let's see what happens.
* So this means the only active developers are me (Rick), Rigobertoc and Javier. And since Javier hasn't reported yet, in the worst case it's only Rigobertoc and me. Recruitment is encouraged.

About the tasks:

* The timeline assigned to Javier Galicia hasn't been completed yet. For some mysterious reason he was unable to attend the meeting, too.
* The threads module has been completed, and Rigo has worked on the Unit test for that. The multithread unit test is a critical task to continue working on the core.
* The data structures for the timeline have been completely rewritten to allow (de)serialization. But deserialization hasn't been worked on.
* The playback visual controls are stalled due to the work on the threads unit test. They've been given a lower priority.

About the website, and Public Relations:

* We have a new blog: This blog is mainly for unofficial developer documentation and to share stuff we've learned during development - like programming patterns, new algorithms, etc.
* Our project has become an official member for the Open Source Video Editing Foundation. However, no activity or other formalization has been done. Personally (and this is a conjecture), I don't think we'll see any changes in the near future. Let's hope I'm wrong.
* All team members are to e-mail me a public profile so I can post it on the website.
* Sourceforge has changed its web access method. More info can be found at

About future plans:

* Once the core has been finished, work will focus on gstreamer integration and the playback controls. Once we get the playback, shuttle/jog and scrubbing controls working, the project will be published on and the first binary will be released on Sourceforge. From that, planning stage will be closed and we will enter "pre-alpha". Things will be smoother from then.

About the next meeting:

Though it hasn't been formalized (nor discussed during the meeting), it is expected for all meetings to take place on the last friday of the month. However, the last friday of October is 31, and it's probable that the various team members will be invited to a party due to the american tradition of Halloween. For that reason, the next meeting will be held on Friday, October 24.

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