Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Open Source Video Editing Foundation" created!

A guy from a group dedicated to video editing asked me to join him and get to talk with the authors of other video editing software.

I was reluctant at first - why bother people with other video editors much more advanced than Saya? But He insisted, forwarding his mails to the other people, who joined the conversation. Through a series of e-mails with a bunch of people in the CC: headers, we (I don't even remember who were the other people, this happened too fast) have talked about licensing issues, the (now rejected) idea of forming a spec, having a "core library" common to new video editors (I hope Saya's gets chosen ;-) ), alternative OS's like Haiku (an open source BeOS), Freebsd, stuff about politics, about having talks with Stallman's FSF, and whatnot.

After around 15 e-mail replies, the Google group has been founded. So this thing is getting momentum. We've all agreed that minority platforms (with Linux being the greatest) need a working Open Source Video Editor, and we've informally agreed to share source and tech reports.

Here's the URL.

There is a website under construction, whose domain is yet to be announced.

Now, I really don't know how this started. It was pretty spontaneous. But there are various Open Source developers in the group, including but not limited to Traverso, Atheme, etc. (maybe it's time to invite the Lumiera guys).

But I guarantee you, this thing is 100% organic grassroot. I was expecting Saya to get attention from f/oss developers, but not THIS soon! In any case, this gives me more incentives to keep working on Saya.

This is getting interesting.... VERY interesting B-)

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Stefano D'Angelo said...

Just to be clear: at the moment I'm not talking on the behalf of the whole Atheme community, but just as the author of NASPRO.