Saturday, September 20, 2008

C++ Programmer Wanted

As usual, we're accepting C++ developers who want to cooperate with the Saya Video Editor project.

The requirements are simple: Being committed and accepting Open Source as a philosophy, having internet at home, have at least 4 hours to develop per week, and of course, a good knowledge and practice of C++. Multithread programming knowledge is a big plus.



Orifiel said...

Hello, my name is Lubomir Dobrovodsky, I am a proffesional Java programmer. But I am good also with C++. I am not sure, if I am a programmer you need, but programming a Video Editor was my dream... Could I help somehow, or maybe in the future?
I have installed all I need for programming on WXP. I'm studing the code, but it is really difficult for me now...

rick_777 said...

orifiel: Please contact me via e-mail (my e-mail can be seen in the blog front page) if you want to participate.