Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacations, and a member is back! Kinda

Hello everyone! Posting from the beautiful lake landscape of Guadalajara. The air's clean in here! :P

I got an unexpected message from one of the more "quiet" members of the team. Due to circumstances above his control, he completely could not login for almost 2 months!

(I'm telling you, this project is cursed! Hard drives crashing, people getting fired and/or having car accidents, is this some kind of conspiracy?)

But everything's going smooth. That other dev is back, and I just found a new programmer from Mexico (thanks OHLOH.NET) very eager to join the team!

So, we might be late on the schedule, but this project is not turning back!

I'll keep in touch.


b3rx said...

Yeah! I am back alright! Sorry to keep you all waiting..

rick_777 said...

Back from vacations, everyone.