Friday, August 29, 2008

Saya-VE 1st dev meeting (29/Aug/2008) Summary

Saya-VE 1st developer meeting (29/Aug/2008) Summary of activities.


* Developers who were silently kicked out (suprise! This wasn't
mentioned in the meeting) due to lack of activity and reporting :
Nopalin, Wireshark. Note to Nopalin: You earned points by developing
part of the UI, you have a lot of chances of being accepted again.
Please message me.

* Developers who left: C.J. Barker.

* Developers who joined: Rigoberto C., Javier Galicia


* Official communications channel for the devs are this group ( )
and gmail chat (aka GTalk, Jabber). For this, all members are required
to get a GMail account and enable their chat in their gmail page.

* The project HQ is located at, project's name:
"saya". Here we'll deal with bugs, features, tasks, and the SVN
repository is located there.

* Sourceforge will be used ONLY for the website (
) and for releasing binaries / docs.

(oops, forgot to say in the meeting: Devs must get accounts both at
Berlios and Sourceforge)

* Meetings like this one will take place every last Friday of the
month, at 8PM CDT (that's -0600 with daylight savings). The calendar
can be seen at

* Members will be given write-access to the calendar as they prove
their worth.

* New members must prove their worth by submitting one or two patches
before being given SVN access.

* If a dev won't be available for some time (i.e. vacations), he MUST
post it on this group (there's a specific thread for it).

* A "status with progress bars" page will be added to the website.

* Links with research info will be given to me so I can post them on
the website, under the "research" page.


* Jeff is the Vegas expert. Ask him anything about UI design. He'll
also design the progress report with colored bars, which I'll post on
the website as soon as it's given to me.

* Bertrand will work on the CODEC module (GStreamer)

* I (rick) will work on the CORE and RENDERER module. The effects /
rendering part is still pending. If anyone wants to give me a hand
with the thread classes implementation, he's welcome.

* Javier Galicia will work on the Timeline. If anyone knows wxWidgets,
give him a hand.

* Rigoberto C. Will work on the playback controls for the preview


Date: September 26, same hour (8PM CDT, that is -0600 GDT).

Server: (make sure you register your nickname by /msg
NickServ register ).

Channel: #saya-dev

See the calendar for details.

Note: Remember, this meeting will be devs-ONLY. Foreigners will be kicked out and thrown to the dogs :P

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