Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Job + personal problems + stress = ???

Sigh. It's been more than a month since the project was founded, and it feels like I haven't been able to acomplish anything.

These last 3 weeks, I've had too much work at the job, plus I've had personal problems at home. These have left me exhausted and without time or energy to work on the project when I get home.

Without realizing that, I opened the project and saw that very little code has been written. So I asked myself: what the heck have I / we been doing this month? I felt so frustrated and impotent. It's even worse when I can't get a quick e-mail reply from one of the team members. What will happen if I we keep having the same problems / interruptions and we can't get anything done in the next 3 months?

But then I realized that I've written the developers' guide (a task not trivial at all), an explanation of the project design, and the other developers have been organizing themselves.

Yes, it's true, not much code has been written, but it won't be like this forever. CJ Barker has mailed me telling me that he'll have time this weekend to work on the resources panel. Nopalin is putting a lot of effort in learning wxWidgets, and more research has been done.

Tonight I'll start rewriting / publishing the Linux developers' guide (thanks to CJ for writing the first draft).

Anyway I've also noticed a lack of organization. I'm thinking that perhaps we should have monthly meetings on the irc channel - that's why it was created in the first place.

So, please bear with us a little more. We're not perfect, but we're not slackers either. We're very few members and we're doing our best to make this work.

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