Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First experiences with SDL

It's time for Saya to get a video viewer, but we havn't been able to do anything yet. Enter wx-sdl.

wx-sdl is a tutorial/sample of using SDL with wxWidgets. It's a single file, and it has everything you need to draw your own video on a screen surface. The best thing is that it's LGPL licensed, so it won't be a problem including it in Saya! :D (two thumbs up!)

There's a class called SDLPanel, but it's customized for the sample there, so we need to adapt it to make it generic. But the integration with wxWidgets is amazingly simple. I hope I will have it included in Saya by the next week.

In related news, I had thought that including the SDL source code would be piece of cake. I guess I was wrong - it's a huge library, so I guess it will go along with wxWidgets in that I need to link to it instead of embedding it.

Fortunately, all linux distros already include it or have RPMs for it, so installation won't be a problem. And you don't need to compile it in Windows either, it already comes with a handy-dandy DLL :)

That means I'll need to post another edition for the developers' guide... sigh.

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