Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Expensive decision; Improved New Project Dialog

Two good news: I asked for permission at my job to work one hour less (without pay, of course) than I normally do - starting today - , and my boss accepted. This decision costed me a lot of money that I won't earn anymore, but it's certainly worth it - and the result is that today I could finally work a lot of time in Saya.

As proof, and that's the second good news, here's the improved New Project Dialog, based on the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (not all were followed, but it's an improvement) :



As you can see, the new dialog is thinner and less cluttered. Also, I removed the redundant "Aspect Ratio" combo box. Pixel Aspect is more than enough for the video settings. If later we decide to scale the project to a certain screen format, I'll add a button to calculate the pixel aspect ratio.

(Note: The cyan background for the text controls is a personal desktop setting, just pretend there was white in there).

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