Friday, June 20, 2008

Windows = Pandora's box!

Today was a hectic day. Not only I had to run Windows to get my tax declaration working (the app doesn't run on GNU/Linux), but I had to use Windows to set up Code::Blocks as well.

Once upon a time... the second most active developer, Nopalin, had problems with his harddrive and ended up installing Windows. The pandora box had just been opened on me. I had now to download MINGW, compile wxWidgets, download an additional libintl from gnuwin32 (it doesn't come by default with mingw), install subversion, and guess what.

As I had expected, I had compiling problems with the project, which was configured for a posix environment. I had to modify the global settings for Code::Blocks under Windows (something you must NOT do, that's what the project settings are for!) until I found out how to make the project build properties cross-platform (this is a capability not implemented in Code::Blocks yet, maybe they have scripting capabilities now, but I don't know of them).

And then wxDateTime method FormatISODate() outputs garbage on Windows. When that was fixed, I noticed some other problems: The buttons in the welcome dialog were invisible, and the new project dialog has the wrong size! :(

How did all this happen? Well, I'll be able to find out as soon as I make the project cross-platform. In the worst cases, I'll have to use the same tactic the C::B devs did: Use parallel project files. Ugh. Let's hope I don't have to resort to that. Sigh...

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