Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To SDL or to SFML? That is the question

I recently found a multimedia library called SFML (Simple and Fast multimedia library). According to the webpage, " Instead of being one big API, SFML rather contains a lot of small packages, that can be chosen and combined according to the intended usage. You can use only the base package to get input and windowing, as well as the full graphics package with sprites and post-effects." Additionally, it's written in C++ and seems to be very flexible.

That sounds just like what we're looking for. However, there is a problem, and it's that the project is (relatively) too young compared to SDL. How stable and reliable it is?

I'm sure that choosing a multimedia library is a problem many multimedia programmers face. They have to base their entire code on choosing one or another library. This is why I decided to design abstract classes as wrappers, so we don't have to face that decision. I hope that with SMFL we can have a working multimedia player soon.

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