Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Status report. June 10, 2008

What has been done:

* Organizing the team, getting team members. Some members haven't been able to be contacted live - but we got an Adobe Premiere video editing expert / advisor (edit: And tentatively another advisor, who happens to be a Sony Vegas expert and User Interface Nazi ;-) ) , a beta tester, 3 developers and 1 possible developer more (if I manage to get him online). Additionally, an old friend from school who's a college graduate is offering to join the project - but not before he passes a wxWidgets exam I assigned him :)

* Researching on various fields. Nopalin has been able to do his first wxWidgets programs, and is ready to work on the UI. b3rx is in the process of documenting the OpenVIP classes and some classes that have already been designed. I've been researching the use of SFML and have corrected various misunderstandings in the wrapper classes.

* The pluggable multimedia framework has been started. Abstract class AudioOutputDevice has been completed. Abstract class VideoOutputDevice has been started (as a stub). Actual implementations using classes derived from these, remain to be written.

What remains to be done:

- Completing the New Project Dialog and creating new projects.
- Creating an A/V streaming class for rendering video and audio on-the-fly.
- Creating a plain vanilla video player using the said classes.

If everything goes well, this will be done within the next 4 weeks.

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