Thursday, June 5, 2008

on DIVA, GStreamer and Tiers gone wrong

I just found this awesome post from Michael Dominic explaining his problems with the GStreamer framework.

"GStreamer solves a lot of problems on the GNOME desktop but it doesn’t solve the problem of video editing.

Gst is a playback framework, and for video editing you need editing framework. The later is not, as it’s commonly believed, just a superset of the former. The MLT framework is an interesting example of the “video editing” architecture."

A later comment from a reader explains further:

"I would also join the voices in suggesting that you reconsider your decision with GStreamer. In the last six months GStreamer has become more and more suitable for applications such as Diva, and Gnonlin is a particularly useful component here."

And here I was thinking that I could use GStreamer as a basis for Saya. I think I can explain the concepts with a small diagram:

PiTiVi or some other editor
Video Hardware

This is, gnonlin is a PLUGIN which goes with GStreamer (if it's not, someone correct me please!). The problem is that this plugin is a video-editing component built upon a low-level playback framework. This is:

Editor UI
Editing stuff
OS / Hardware

and that's a no-no. It's got the logic ALL WRONG!

Instead, what I want is something like this (the higher, the more user interaction) :

| (commands, events)
High-level Editor framework (track / timeline /
effect stuff handling)
| (playback info, commands, events)

Renderer (effects / mixing)
| |
| v
| Low level
| Playback Framework
| (i.e. SDL)
| |
| v
v Video Hardware


In other words, The decoder/files make the MODEL. The Playback/VideoHardware are the PRESENTATION (the GUI is another separate layer of presentation, so they're tied - in a way), and the Editor framework is the CONTROLLER.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is nothing but Model-View-Controller 101.

Any questions?

Update (June 23, 2008) : It seems I was mistaken in my assumptions regarding GStreamer and PiTiVi. However, the MVC pattern is still a rule I'm going to follow. Stay tuned.

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