Thursday, June 19, 2008

New mailing list + one developer less = still good!

Today I received a letter from the MIT guy (the one who never answered my mails) asking me to remove him from the project. However, I have the suspicion that either his request to get in or his request to get out was forged (this means someone got access to his account), because they were in very different tones. Too bad - because we can't allow someone with such a bad security get in the project. Reliability: 50% -> zero.

In other news, I opened a private mailing list for the developers so we can organize ourselves better. I'm also working on the developers guide so anyone can install the software required to compile and run Saya.

Then we'll start working, and hopefully in a couple (ok, maybe 4) weeks we will release version 0.1, code name: Aikuchi. That will mark the end of the planning phase and we will officially become "pre-alpha". Keep in touch! :)

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