Monday, June 23, 2008

Having second thoughts about gstreamer...

Recently I've been writing on a mailing list about the ffmpeg project, and on why we need an alternative. A little bit of browsing led me to take a second look at Gstreamer. Therefore, my previous post entitled "On Diva, gstreamer and tiers gone wrong" seems to be inaccurate.

In theory, GStreamer is everything a video editor has dreamed of... but I couldn't get hold of the developer guide (it's on development. How ironic). However, I have this hunch, telling me that I won't be able to access frames and audio samples directly, and instead I'll have to rely on plugins such as gnonlin.

Let's hope not. I mailed one of the Pitivi authors for guidance. Let's see what we find out. Cross your fingers.

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