Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bugs fixed, we're back in the business!

The annoying configuration bugs that had plagued me for the last couple of days were finally solved (note to self: remember to wrap the functions va_start and va_end around vsnprintf the next time - how embarrassing ^^; Oh well... I guess these things happen when you're programming while undersleeping at 4AM in the morning). Another hint, is that whenever you're dealing with char* strings, DO NOT store them in the stack! If anything goes wrong, you won't be able to debug because the stack will be messed up. Use varname = new vartype[num].


I added a nifty debug log to our wxApp object, so we can finally know what's happening behind the scenes. This is excellent for hard-to-debug cases. And now, back to business, there are tons of things to do:

  • Fix the updating of recent project menus. I currently use a flag, it's better to use a counter to see whenever it's been updated.
  • Implement the audio/video presets in the new project menu
  • Implement project creation and saving with XML.
  • Keep working on the framework to do some video streaming (Jonathan's beaten me to that already, I must keep up in the race!)
  • Update the website, write the class diagrams, etc.
And now, to get a good deserved rest. G'night!

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