Sunday, May 18, 2008

QsKKing's Vegas 7 tutorial, mencoder, transitions...

My bittorrent download of QsKKing's tutorial for Sony Vegas 7.0 just finished downloading. The bad news is that it was encoded with one of the latest Micr.... (UGH! I can't mention that word! It burns!) codecs, which I had to get from the internet. I couldn't watch it with VLC player (I could with mplayer, but I hate that software, it's quite unfriendly). So I tried recoding it with FFMPEG, to no avail. I then tried with mencoder, which worked.

A good tip for using mencoder is installing the rpm for KMediaGrab, which is a graphical frontend for mencoder. The KMediaGrab version I got is 0.3, and it works as charm.

Anyway, since this is a Video Editing blog, I just wanted to recommend kmediagrab to you guys, in case you need to convert from one format to another.

Now, onto QsKKing's tutorial. Let me tell you man, this rocks. Thanks for encoding it in high resolution so I could read the menus and options clearly so I can replicate them. One thing I specially liked is the overlapping clips and automatic transitions, which I didn't know in Premiere (well, with one or two months of barely using it, what can I say? Perhaps the option was hidden in there somewhere, and I really wouldn't remember anything if it wasn't for the Edicion de Video book).

Now I realize that my approach to making transitions was wrong. Transitions should happen automatically ALL the time, and all I would need to do is get the transition parameters for the clip, when ENDING. Why only the ending transition? Because transitions require by default TWO clips. Only one clip is needed for the information. And with the overlapping = transition, I don't need to define transition links for a clip. The transition parameters will just have to be embedded in the clip. Don't want a transition? Remove the overlap. Voila! :)

Again, thank you, QsKKing. I really owe you one. Just a little favor. Next time use something more universal like AVI/XVID ;-)

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