Saturday, May 31, 2008

"New Project" dialog

After researching for a couple of days and designing for a whole day, I finally got a decent and pretty "new project" dialog. So far it's been one of the most complicated things I've done for the project yet, because I needed to get info about all the known editors, and standard video formats (thank you, wikipedia!)

Also, Premiere shows more settings, while Edius Pro's dialog is more compact and "friendly", but in my opinion it was oversimplified. So I had to choose a compromise.

One of the things that annoyed me about Premiere was that you had to scroll and read the settings as you kept choosing, and if you didn't like one, you were presented with an overcomplicated screen of settings.

I managed to include all the important settings in one page, and they'll change as I switch between presets. If i choose "custom", the settings will become read-write (they should be read-only and greyed out), so I can just type everything right away.

I also managed to make them pretty and not bloated. This took me a while, but putting the video settings at the left and the audio settings at the right, just did the trick.

I would also like to thank the wxFormBuilder developers for making such a great tool.


Carlos Alberto Cortez said...

What video engine are you using? Gstreamer?

rick_777 said...

I'm not using an engine yet, but I plan to use a wrapper so I don't have to CHOOSE an engine.

A good wrapper (altho complicated it seems) is the OpenVIP. It's an abandoned C++/Python project for a video editor. I couldn't get it to run, it seems i chose the wrong wxPython libraries. But the work is already done. It's based on FFMPEG. But I don't know, maybe I'll make a wrapper for the wrapper :P

Eventually it all comes down to an engine which you give a list of files, frames / audio times and effects. The engine won't have to deal with timeline / tracks - just operations. OpenVIP works that way.

I'm also eyeing the Freeframe project, which is a framework specifically designed for video effects.