Saturday, May 17, 2008

First screenshot!

This is the first screenshot of Saya. So far it only consists of the menus, but the File Menu is 95% implemented (items like Capture / Batch Capture aren't updated yet because they depend on variables that I still haven't added to the application.

As you can see, the menu structure is nearly identical to Adobe Premiere, altho I've modified some things a little. The shortcut keys (the underlined letters) aren't identical since the book I purchased ("EdiciĆ³n de Video" by RedUsers - it's a latin-american book) doesn't include screenshots THAT detailed. But they do have a chapter on the menus, woo hoo! This is why I could copy the Premiere menus so easily. Some of the nested menus weren't in the same chapter, but I could easily compile them from the context menus on the various chapters.

Currently I've implemented opening files (altho opening a file doesn't do anything but loading a string in memory), saving, reopening, clearing the recent projects. Importing videos and/or images isn't implemented yet.

The good news is that I got the project and timeline memory structure (even the undo history) completely designed now (which I'll explain in a later post). The fun part will be designing the timeline widgets, whee!

After I finish the code for enabling/disabling items on all menus, I'll start with the File Importing module. Then you'll get to see some dialogs done :)

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