Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clipboard problems

A problem I stumbled upon is... how to handle copying and pasting? Copying a single clip is no problem. Copying a piece of a track isn't problem either, I only have to store the track beginning offset and copy the clips' data.

However, how to handle nested tracks? Should I group tracks by video and audio?

I remember when I used Premiere a while ago, I could add audio and video tracks. What I don't remember is... would I add only audio tracks or video tracks? But it seems You could add audio-only tracks, i.e. for adding background music to a video. Therefore, tracks shouldn't be grouped by video and audio.

How to handle then copying and pasting?

Here's an idea. Do a copy of the current timeline in case of multitrack clipboard, and paste into exactly the same tracks (no up/down possible). I'm thinking that this would have the same effect than dragging and dropping a selection. However, how to move multitrack clips up/down? I think I'd need to add a command for shifting up / down clips.

When I figure out how to solve this, I'll be able to implement cut/copy/paste effectively.


rick_777 said...

Nesting tracks is only done for DISPLAYING purposes. The operations over the tracks are exactly the same.

However, moving the clips to other tracks needs to be forbidden if they're inside a nested track. I guess this is why some editors only show "nested track" or something. You can't edit them.

Of course you can't! If two clips overlap and the track is nested, how will you see the clips?

So, for practical purposes, selecting clips, splitting them and moving the pieces is allowed for a nested track, since you're only applying those operations to a series of tracks. But moving them between tracks is forbidden.

I could infer some software rules out of this, but i haven't slept well this week and my brain is getting zombified @.@.

Matthew D. Miller said...

It's been awhile since I used Premiere, but I remember being able to copy a clip. Then you could paste the clip, just paste the video, just paste the audio, or even just paste the effects and have the effects that were applied to the copied clip be applied to another clip. A feature like that can be extremely useful.