Saturday, May 17, 2008

Canopus Edius

I just found a relatively new Nonlinear Editor for Windows. It's called Canopus Edius Pro.

The screenshots look awesome. I think I'm going to take some interface options from them. Hmmm what's this? They got a Render Menu in the menubar. It's worth taking a look...

Apparently there is no such thing as "nested tracks" in Edius... perhaps the idea of nesting tracks isn't really as good as I thought, it only complicates things more. The only advantage that I see in nesting tracks is making more space available for visualizing clips, and applying effects to various tracks at the same time. But if we have sequences that can be nested as clips, there's no need for nesting tracks. I can just select a bunch of clips, right click them and "combine into a single sequence". This would create a new sequence, add it to the resources and create a clip from it.
(Update: Yes, there is a need for nested tracks. Do operation on various tracks at the same time, mute or hide all the tracks at the same time. But in the end, they're nothing more than a list of tracks clumped together. What's the difficulty? It'll be just for grouping.)

Going back to Edius... what's this? They got bezier curves for editing effects? O.o
Wow. When the Lumiera guys mentioned they wanted to add bezier curves for effects editing, they weren't kidding, there IS such a feature. And that color correction screen is really wonderful (I'd link or copy it but I don't want to get in copyright problems, the link is there for you to link).

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